The Fall Guy

On the 8th November 2002 artist James Donnelly (JD) had his home in Glasgow illegally searched by police in relation to missing royal jewels. His famous home situated at London Road features political messages and art which he hopes will connect people with his story. JD is the product of a broken system and feels he been forgotten about, this work gives insight into his home and his life. JD claims his innocence and has fought this case tooth and nail for the last 19 years.


To date he has received no compensation for this injustice and no police correspondence to alleviate the damages done to him and his home. Since this great injustice JD has isolated himself from the world and suffered severely mentally and physically, his trust for the system is non existent. A real Glasgow character that has had his life torn apart by the mistakes of the Scottish Police, the question begs will JD ever be free from this?