Safe Consumption

Scotland's drug death mortality rate has doubled since 2014, a statistic which sadly has not improved and continually gets worse. With over 1200 deaths from drugs alone in Scotland. This has been due to government health cuts and external factors such as the rise of cheap street drugs mimicking valium and diazepam.

Ex-addict Peter Krykant has created a safe consumption space for addicts in Glasgow, the first of its kind in the UK. Based off of a Dutch design Peter has converted both a mini bus and currently an ambulance to accommodate for a harm prevention site. Peter operates in a grey area of the law and ensures that drug users are treated with dignity, provided with clean paraphernalia and educated if needed. This operation is run solely off public donations and is a welcome change to some in Glasgow, it is time that drug users are treated like human beings and not criminals. 

Spending time with Peter I gained an insight into the lives of many and educated myself on Peters mission. Peter has become a personal hero of mine and without his passion for saving lives many more would be dead, he has risked his livelihood to provide a service helping others.

CW: This work contains images of drugs, drug preparation and drug consumption.