About Mark 

Mark Gillies is a freelance photographer with an interest in documentary and fashion work based in Glasgow, Scotland. Mark's photographic journey began as a past time shooting 35mm street photography, this has now transformed into a vocation to document life. Mark is a BA photography graduate, passing with distinction, focusing on technical and creative aspects of photography. Mark was awarded student of the year in 2020 from West College Scotland, Paisley. 

Mark strives to document moments faithfully and authentically, seeking to create a genuine relationship between photographer and subject. Communicating stories through visual imagery is Mark’s main aim, focusing heavily on people and their personal stories. Finding interesting stories and people to document is Mark's most enjoyable past time. 

Photography is the perfect justification for Mark to meet and interact with new people and reveal their stories. Creating visual documents of people has been an essential component to Mark's growth and has shaped his honest and individual style. Currently Mark shoots freelance work for charities, fashion brands, retail stores and carries out personal projects where he can. Mark has experience planning, directing and post producing various shoots and understands how to bring a clients visual ideas to life.